Oralys Dental
To allow everyone to find its own Private Label toothbrush, and to make it satisfying for the consumer and technically perfect … here is our job. Simple ? isn’t it? Experts know better. First of all, the key is to have a perfect knowledge of the Trade... Read more

Oral hygiene and health


An anniversary is always important. The WHO (World Health Organisation) celebrated on the 7th of April 2009 the “world health day”. For this event, it is useful to look at some basis: in particular the recent modifications in perceptions and behaviours towards oral hygiene health...
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Oralys: One group, Several subsidiaries !

Oralys has a project: to structure itself in order to offer the best proposals both in terms of concepts and products.

The chain of skills implemented by Oralys guarantees its customers a global project management: analysis, development, packaging, manufacturing and supplying.

Other personal care products were soon introduced due to Market demand and due to Oralys’ expanding expertise. In 2007, Oralys LifeCare was created to answer this need. In 2009, the two entities created for their diffusion in Spain Oralys Iberica.

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In 2009, Oralys Iberica was created with the mission to sale & distribute the products of Oralys Dental & Oralys LifeCare in Spain & Portugal. In the same time all those different subsidiaries were “covered” by a holding company, Oralys Group SAS.
Oralys Group SAS welcomed as shareholders two regional investment firms (Picardie Investissement & Picardie Avenir who together hold 10 %). The New Oralys Headquater houses the offices of Oralys Dental & Oralys LifeCare. This new office building is sized to answers future needs and growth. To be continued...

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Oralys Iberica : Creation

Oralys Group SAS opens its first retailing subsidiary abroad, Oralys Iberica S.L. in Madrid. This subsidiary will spread the whole ranges of Oralys Dental and Oralys LifeCare in Spain and Portugal.

The first customers were Alcampo hypermarkets and Sabeco supermarkets, with the launch of Whitening Adult and Sensitive toothbrushes.